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Things to consider during Wall, Plaster and Paint works

The Materials used

They are substances containing inorganic or organic substances that form a hard or thin layer on the surface of the applied material in order to protect or decorate the paint material surface from external influences.

Paint factories first began to expand in the mid-1880s. Paint production has started to be done by non-experts and more entrepreneurs. This structure under domination has turned into a form in which small and medium-sized companies serve local markets.

Plaster; It is an application that is required during the construction phase of the building to preserve the building, to protect it from external factors and to have a longer life of the building.


Matters to be Considered During the Plaster Painting Process

  • The materials to be used in these processes should be stored under the conditions specified by the manufacturer.

  • Only relevant persons should provide access to the area to be stored.

  • Disposal of used containers should be done in accordance with the instructions.

  • If painting processes are carried out indoors, employees should be prevented from staying in the same environment for a long time, working hours should be planned and air masks should be used.

  • In case of problems or malfunctions in the machines, random intervention of the workers should be prevented, and the relevant authority should be informed as soon as possible in order to eliminate this problem or malfunction.

  • The roads used in the construction site and inside must be clean so that the materials to be used do not cause any accidents during transportation.

  • It is necessary to have sufficient lighting in the working area. Open fire should not be used for lighting.


Considerations for Wall Works

  • All personnel should be given a hard hat, safety belt, work clothes, work shoes, gloves and glasses.

  • Materials should not be left on the edges of the flooring and high points.

  • The scaffolding or platforms to be built should be made of suitable planks and feet.

  • During electrical work, care should be taken to turn off the electricity.

  • Appropriate transport equipment should be used for the transportation of materials to be used at the construction sites, and work should not be started without taking necessary precautions against falling.

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