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Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering


Antalya Bilim University

07190 Antalya, Turkey


About Me

Fuad ABUTAHA is Assistant Professor at the department of Civil Engineering at Antalya Bilim University (ABU), Turkey. Abutaha holds Ph.D. degree in Construction Technology & management from University of Malaya (UM) in 2018. Master in Construction Management from University Technology Malaysia (UTM) in 2013. 

Abutaha is an engineer who embraces modern principles and practices of Civil Engineering specifically in concrete technology and construction management. Researcher with 7 years’ experience in concrete laboratory, experimental design, supervision of research student and edit materials for publication at high ranked journal. Experienced in managing research projects from conception to completion.



Abutaha has published several refereed publications and collaborated as reviewer for different international scholarly journals. The current research focuses on the production of sustainable concrete.  

Work Experience



2013 - 2018

Assistant Professor 

Department of civil Engineering

Antalya Bilim University 

Research Fellow

İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (ITÜ) 

Research Fellowship at Department of Structural Engineering (İTÜ İnşaat Fakültesi).

Details of key duties:

  • Undertake research, either laboratory or office-based in the field of green building materials.

  • Prepare progress reports to the PI and summarize the project results.

  • Performs various editorial duties; write, review and edit materials for publication.

Research Assistant

University of Malaya (UM) 

Department of civil engineering 


Title of project: Re-engineering and Adapting Concrete for Sustainable Development and Climate Change Initiatives.

Amount: RM 777,200 (179,037.44 USD)

Details of key duties:  

Supervise undergraduate students working on the research project.

- Request and acquire equipment or supplies necessary for the project

- Prepare progress reports for the PI and summarize project results.

- Performs various editorial duties; write, review and edit materials for publication.

- Prepare other articles, reports, and presentations.


2014 - 2018

​PhD. in Construction Technology and Management.

University of Malaya | Malaysia 

Thesis Title: Engineering Properties of Normal and High Strength Concrete Containing Palm Oil Clinker.


MSc. in Construction Management.

University Technology of Malaysia | Malaysia 

Thesis Title: The Causal Factors of Poor Performance in The Construction Projects.

​Grad: (3.61/4.00).


BSc in Civil Engineering.

Islamic University of Gaza | Palestine


  • Abutaha, Fuad, Haider Hamad Ghayeb, and Hashim Abdul Razak. "Assessment of Engineering Properties and Cost Performance of Normal and High Strength Concrete Containing Waste Material." 2019.

  • Alnahhal, Mohammed Fouad, U. Johnson Alengaram, Mohd Zamin Jumaat, Fuad Abutaha, Mamoun A. Alqedra, and Ramappa Ramesh Nayaka. "Assessment on engineering properties and CO2 emissions of recycled aggregate concrete incorporating waste products as supplements to Portland cement." Journal of cleaner production 203 (2018): 822-835.

  • Abutaha, Fuad, Hashim Abdul Razak, Hussein Adebayo Ibrahim, and Haider Hamad Ghayeb. "Adopting particle-packing method to develop high strength palm oil clinker concrete." Resources, conservation and Recycling 131 (2018): 247-258.

  • Ibrahim, Hussein Adebayo, Hashim Abdul Razak, and Fuad Abutaha. "Strength and abrasion resistance of palm oil clinker pervious concrete under different curing method." Construction and Building Materials 147 (2017): 576-587.

  • Abutaha, Fuad, Hashim Abdul Razak, and Hussein Adebayo Ibrahim. "Effect of coating palm oil clinker aggregate on the engineering properties of normal grade concrete." Coatings 7.10 (2017): 175.

  • Fuad Abutaha, H. Abdul Razak, and J. Kanadasan, Effect of palm oil clinker (POC) aggregates on fresh and hardened properties of concrete. Construction and Building Materials, 2016. 112: p. 416-423. (ISI-Q1)

  • Fuad Abutaha; Abdul Razak, H.; Ibrahim, H.A. Effect of Coating Palm Oil Clinker Aggregate on the Engineering Properties of Normal Grade Concrete. Coatings 2017, 7, 175. (ISI-Q1)

  • Ibrahim, H.A., H. Abdul Razak, and Fuad Abutaha, Strength and Abrasion Resistance of Palm Oil Clinker Pervious Concrete Under Different Curing Method. Construction and Building Materials, 2017. 147: p. 576-587. (ISI-Q1)

  • Fuad Abutaha, Razak, H. A., Ibrahim, H. A., & Ghayeb, H. H. (2018). Adopting particle-packing method to develop high strength palm oil clinker concrete. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 131, 247-258. (ISI-Q1)

  • Ghayeb, Haider Hamad, Hashim Abdul Razak, NH Ramli Sulong, Kim Hung Mo, Fuad Abutaha, and Meisam Gordan. "Performance of mechanical steel bar splices using grouted couplers under uniaxial tension." Journal of Building Engineering 34 (2021): 101892.

  • Ibrahim, Hussein Adebayo, Yingxin Goh, Zheng Ann Ng, Soon Poh Yap, Kim Hung Mo, Choon Wah Yuen, and Fuad Abutaha. "Hydraulic and strength characteristics of pervious concrete containing a high volume of construction and demolition waste as aggregates." Construction and building materials 253 (2020): 119251.

  • Mo, Kim Hung, Blessen Skariah Thomas, Soon Poh Yap, Fuad Abutaha, and Chee Ghuan Tan. "Viability of agricultural wastes as substitute of natural aggregate in concrete: A review on the durability-related properties." Journal of Cleaner Production (2020): 123062.

  • Ghayeb, H. H., H. Abdul Razak, N. H. R. Sulong, A. N. Hanoon, F. Abutaha, H. A. Ibrahim, M. Gordan, and M. F. Alnahhal. "Predicting the mechanical properties of concrete using intelligent techniques to reduce CO2 emissions." Materiales de Construcción 69, no. 334 (2019): Article-number.


  • Research Fellowship Program for International Researchers (TÜBİTAK 2216):

February 2018– Turkey.

Title of research: Engineering Properties and Durability of Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC)-Based Mortar Blended with FA and GGBS.

  • Postgraduate Research Fund (Peruntukan Penyelidikan Pascasiswazah -PPP, 2015):

Fund for a research project, University of Malaya – Malaysia.

Title of research: Utilization of Palm Oil Clinker (POC) as Coarse and Fine Aggregates in Concrete Production.

Amount: RM 18,500 (4,260 USD), Project number: PG277-2015B, Rule: Fund applicant (research grant awarded).


  • Fees waiver: Graduate Research Assistantship Scheme (GRAS) recipient (2013-2016) - University of Malaya- Malaysia.

Semester tuition fee waiver; Semester 2 (2013/2014); Semester 1 (2014/2015); Semester 2 (2014/2015); Semester 1 (2015/2016); Semester 2 (2015/2016).


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