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Examples of High-rise building designs with a twisted shape

Tall buildings with a twisted shape are counted as one of the most modern design directions. This form of construction continues in a twisted manner until it reaches the top. This type is seen as a very popular form of construction among architects and engineers. Perhaps the most interesting and first of these structures is the Turning Torso skyscraper in Sweden. This structure is made of 9 cubes. Each cube consists of 5 floors. The building rotates around its own axis at an angle of 90 degrees from the ground floor to the top floor. After the successful construction of this “Turning Torso” skyscraper was completed, the designers began to make partial proposals for similar bodies elsewhere, resulting in many projects that were completed with great skill. Some of these projects are still in the design phase for many reasons, and few have made it to the construction phase today.

Infinity tower in Dubai

It is 306 meters high and consists of 76 floors. (It is under construction.) The structure rotates around itself as 90 degrees, figure (4.38 ). Unlike the "Turning Torso" tower, which consists of cubes revolving around a flat construction, the "Infinity tower" is built by turning from floor to floor with slabs much larger than these panels. Each floor alternates at 1.2 degrees to complete 90 degrees until it reaches the last floor.

Avaz twist tower in Sarajevo

It is 176 meters high and was built with a 90 degree transformation.

Revolution tower in Panama

It is 242 meters high and consists of 52 floors.

Development tower in Moscow

It is a tower consisting of 42 floors and each floor rotates 3 degrees from the previous floor. In total, the conversion angle reaches 135 degrees up to the top floor.

Ghakuwin tower in Japan

It is in the form of spiral towers and is 170 meters high. It consists of 36 floors in total. The towers resemble the shape of the wings. The top is narrow. The axis of rotation changes. Because it creates a slope (curvature) by rising. The shape of the spiral towers changes slightly when viewed from different angles. This gives the tower a beautiful view.

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